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You’ve never seen a wine glass like this before. Stratford stemware takes fine wines to dazzling new heights with artfully curved bowls that exude lavish luxury. This one-of-a-kind collection features flavor-enhancing tapered rims and wide bowls to encourage effortless swirling. A standout of the Libbey Signature collection, Stratford is masterfully engineered to perfection for an exceptional wine-drinking experience.

 * 16-ounce wine glass is ideal for wines of all varietals 
 * Unique glasses feature tapered tops and wide bowls to improve aeration, aroma and flavor 
 * Comfortable design allows you to swirl without worrying about spills 
 * Seamless pulled stem and refined flat foot for aesthetics and durability 
 * Crafted for maximum clarity and brilliance in the USA 
 * Libbey Signature laser mark on the bottom of each glass 
 * Wide bowl allows you to properly hold glass by stem


Product Dimensions (Country of Origin):

•  Made in United States
•  Weight: 3.2 lb (1.45 kg)

Libbey Stratford All-Purpose Wine Glass, 16oz, Set of 4

SKU: Lib/AllP16/set4
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